Why Amy Schumer’s Vogue Cover is Important

Last week, Vogue released the cover for the July issue featuring Amy Schumer. Some people were excited about Schumer getting her first Vogue cover, but most people were excited about Anna Wintour doing stand up comedy in a video written by Schumer for Vogue. Now, that certainly is great and the video is fun, but Schumer’s Vogue cover is much more important than that. Schumer is one of, if not, the first plus size celebrity to be featured on the cover of Vogue.

Amy Schumer wrote a video (below) for Vogue to accompany her cover on the magazines July issue. The video features Schumer herself and Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of Vogue. They both decide to take on each other’s job after they get into an argument about how easy the other’s job is. Schumer becomes the Editor in Chief of Vogue and Wintour does stand up.


It’s a pretty fun video and you should watch it if you haven’t already. The only thing I don’t like about it is that everyone is only talking about how great it is to see Wintour do stand up. Not many people are talking about how important it is for Schumer is to be on the cover.

American Vogue seems to have never featured a plus size model or celebrity on the cover. So, if Vogue hasn’t ever done that, Amy Schumer would be the first plus size celebrity on the cover. That is much more important that Anna Wintour doing stand up.


As I said in an article I wrote called “When Will Vogue Put a Plus Size Model on the Cover?“, it’s quite disgusting when you hear someone like Anna Winour say that fashion is about moving forward yet she continues to endorse brands and practices that hold the industry back.

For example, last year’s September issue didn’t feature any plus size models at all. There was a spread with plus size models that read “plus is equal” but that was just an advertisement. There weren’t any plus size model anywhere else in the magazine.

What’s more, Vogue only published 3 out of 12 covers featuring non-white models or cebrities, according to an article on Fashionista.

Vogue represents where the fashion industry currently is. It’s kind of falling behind where culture is going but Schumer’s cover shows that Wintour and Vogue are moving forward.

That’s why Schumer’s Vogue cover is important. The video she wrote for Vogue is pretty funny. It’s great to see Wintour do something like that. The cover is more important, though, because it shows that the magazine is moving forward with culture.

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