American Eagle Sells Dad Jeans

American Eagle is selling dad jeans, a trend that has been around for a while with women’s jeans.

American Eagle is selling dad jeans. This trend has been around for a while with women’s jeans but now men can wear loose fitting jeans on their waist as well. At least, from a more affordable mall brand.

The jeans come in a few washes including light, medium, and dark. Some of the jeans have a looser fit while others are more of a slim fit. What makes them dad jeans, though, is the waist. The jeans sit on the waist instead of the hips.

Jeans should be on your waist anyway and you can wear regular jeans on your waist if you get your actual waist size but these are specifically made to do that. Also, even though the jeans are more of a slim fit with a looser fit for some, the jeans are a slimmer fit that what dad jeans usually are.


The jeans are also online only. So, you won’t be able to try them on at the store. They are on sale, though. American Eagle is having a sale where you can get up to 60% off jeans and most of the dad jeans originally cost $49 but now cost $37. These jeans were $49 but are only $37 now. One pair originally cost $59 but now costs $44. There are also only 5 jeans available.

You could get dad jeans from a cheaper brand simply by buying a loose fit in your waist size. The brand does, however, have pretty good quality jeans and sells men’s jeans in size 26, which most brands don’t and other mall brands don’t seem to offer jeans in the specific fit either.

Men have been wearing these jeans for a while as well. In 2013 The New York Times said the jeans were making a comeback. Vogue also talked about the trend last year, showing pictures of Obama and Jay-Z in them. Now they’re available from an affordable mall brand and becoming a more popular trend.

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