Aeropostale to Launch Footwear in Mexico

Aeropostale is planning to launch footwear and open a couple of new stores in Mexico.

According to an article on Fashion Network, Aeropostale is planning to launch footwear in Mexico. The brand is also planning to open a couple of new stores before the end of the year.

Fashion Depot CEO and Aeropostale representative Patricio Ibarra says the brand not only plans to launch footwear but has other plans as well. Including launching footwear and other products, the brand could manufacture in Mexico as well, which Ibarra says is “because of an expensive dollar that directly impacts imports”.

Ibarra also says the brand will open 2 new stores in Mexico as well before the end of the year. With the new stores, the brand will have a total of 18 stores in the country. The brand was previously marketed by Mexican retailer Liverpool. Aeropostale still has 90 shops in the department store and Fábricas de Francia in states like Aguascalientes, Queretaro, Nuevo León, and more.


Aeropostale filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year in may and said it would close 154 stores. Then, the brand was purchased by a retail group led by Simon Property Group Inc. and General Growth Properties Inc. for $243.3 million. The brand was reportedly purchased with a plan to keep 229 stores open. That is a much lower amount than the 646 that would’ve remained open if only 154 stores were closed.

Aeropostale is actually quite popular in Mexico, though. The company announced that it would continue selling with Liverpool when it released its earnings results for the fourth fiscal quarter 2015 last year in March.

It has not been said specifically when the footwear will launch.

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