Aeropostale is Still Offering Up to 70% off Everything

It’s been about 2 years since Aeropostale filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and the brand is still offering up to 70% off everything. The brand began offering these discounts every couple of weeks after it filed for bankruptcy and then began offering it every week just before the holiday season of 2016. The brand has been offering that discount every week since.

Aeropostale filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 2016. Afterwards, the brand began closing stores and liquidating inventory. Then, it was acquired by a mall group and changed its corporate name to ARO Liquidation. The brand then announced it was not able to announce earnings estimates for the first fiscal quarter 2017.

A couple of months after filing for bankruptcy, the brand began offering 60% off everything. The brand has the sale almost every week. Then it increased to 65% off everything and then increased to 70% off. During the holidays it increased to 75% off everything and the brand had that sale from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Since then the brand pretty much just had sales from 60% – 70% off. The brand has sales and discounts too often. Last year the brand offered 75% off everything during Thanksgiving week, on Black Friday, and on Cyber Monday and offered that discount for the holidays.


The brand then offered 60% – 70% off everything and is still offering it. The brand has also been having other sales and discounts as well. The brand had a sale for Memorial Day and the 4th of July. Now the brand is offering buy one get one free on jeans.

Even if there is a sale for a holiday the brand still offers 60% – 70% off everything and it has been for about 2 years. Other brands have been having sales like this as well. Old Navy has been offering 20% off your entire purchase for a while where H&M offers up to 80% off select items quite often. Many brands are doing this simply because people are shopping more online than in stores but also because people shop more at brands like Zara and H&M.

People shop at these brands because they are cheap and they offer items that look like products from luxury brands. Although, pretty much no one is shopping at H&M. The brand offers clothing that pretty much looks the same as clothing it has been selling for a while where brands like Zara release more trendy items that look like products from luxury brands.

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