Aeropostale is Doing Pretty Well in Mexico

Aeropostale isn’t very popular anymore which is why it filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in May, 2016. The brand also has sales and offers up to 70% off everything all year. The brand, however, seems to be pretty popular in Mexico.

Aeropostale filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in May, 2016. The brand began liquidating inventory and closing stores. The brand has also been offering up to 70% off everything. The brand has been having this sale pretty much all year and had the sale all year last year. Even new clothing is on sale pretty much as soon as it’s released.

Sales and profits have declined at the brand quite a lot as well. The brand doesn’t even release earnings results anymore.

The brand, however, seems to still be pretty popular in Mexico. Last year in October, the brand announced plans to launch footwear in Mexico and open 2 new stores by the end of the year. With the new stores the brand would have a total of 18 stores in the country. The brand also has 90 shops in popular department store Liverpool.


The brand also has plans to continue opening stores in the country and will also continue to work with Liverpool to sell its products in stores.

Mall brands seem to still be pretty popular in Mexico. People still wear clothing from many stores like Old Navy, Gap, American Eagle, and more. People still shop at these stores. People, however, shop more in stores than online in Mexico. Many brands have website where you can buy products online in the country but there are still many brands that don’t.

People also simply don’t buy many things online anyway. People pretty much just shop in stores. Especially since when you shop in stores you can try the clothing on. In the U.S. people buy a product and if it doesn’t fit they send it back and get another one or they buy two and send the one that doesn’t fit back. In Mexico people go to the store and try things on.

Regardless, the brand is doing pretty well in Mexico. The brand filed for bankruptcy and closed stores in the U.S. but it’s launching new products and opening new stores in the country.

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