Aeropostale Has Sales and Discounts too Often

Aeropostale has sales and discounts too often. The brand has been said to be planning to relaunch as a smaller brand after filing for bankruptcy but it seems it’s not. The brand has been offering its clothes for up to 75% off for over a year now which makes it seem as if it’s just liquidating everything.

Aeropostale filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year in May. Afterwards, the brand began closing stores and liquidating its inventory. Then it was acquired by a mall group and changed its corporate name to ARO Liquidation. After that, the brand announced it was not able to provide earnings estimates for the first fiscal quarter 2017.

The brand was said to be relaunching as a smaller brand but it seemed like it as just going out of business.

The brand hasn’t done much to relaunch. In October, the brand announced it is planning to launch footwear in Mexico and open a couple of new stores before the end of the year.


There haven’t been any new ad campaigns, the brand hasn’t done much in social media, there haven’t been any collaborations with celebrities, street style bloggers, or other brands, and there hasn’t been any rebranding. The brand has, however, been offering all of its clothes on discount.

A couple of months after filing for bankruptcy, Aeropostale began offering 60% off everything, which it was also offering in all of its closing stores. Sometimes the brand’s wouldn’t have that sale but almost every weekend it would. Then it increased to 65% off everything and then to 70% off. During the holidays it increased to 75% off everything and the brand had that sale throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Since then, the brand pretty much just had sales from 60% – 70% off everything but mostly 70%. There would also been a new sale every week. The brand also didn’t release new products for a while and when it did, they were offered on discount.

The brand released new products for spring in February but offered them on discount. The brand also released new clothes for fall a couple of months ago but those were offered on discount as well.

Now, the brand always has a sale for 60% – 70% off everything. Every week the brand has the same sale. During the Thanksgiving week and on Black Friday, the brand offered up to 75% off, which it offered for Cyber Monday and is still offering now.

If the brand wants to relaunch as a smaller brand it needs to stop discounting everything all the time. It needs to release a new ad campaign, do more on social media, collaborate with a celebrity, and rebrand. It also needs to release some new products without discounting them.

The brand has sales and discounts too often and it won’t be able to relaunch as a smaller brand if it keeps discounting its clothes.

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