Adwoa Aboah Covers Edward Enninful’s First Issue of British Vogue

Adwoa Aboah has been featured on the cover of Edward Enninful’s first issue of British Vogue.

According to an article on Fashionista, Adwoa Aboah has been featured on the cover of Edward Enninful’s first issue of British Vogue. Many people have been waiting for the December issue of the magazine since Enninful’s hiring and it will be available on Friday.

There have been many new hires and resignations in fashion for a couple of years now. There have mostly been new hires and resignations from brands but there have also been quite a few new hires and resignations from magazines as well. The most noteworthy for magazines, however, was when Alexandra Schulman resigned as Editor in Chief of British Vogue and Enninful replaced her.

Shortly after replacing Schulman, Enninful began hiring quite a few noteworthy people in the fashion industry to work at the magazine. In July, he hired Pat McGrath as Beauty Editor at Large along with many other well known people to work as contributing editors. He has also talked a lot about his plans for diversity in the magazine, which the fashion industry isn’t very good at.


After 6 months, the magazine will be available on Friday. The cover (below), photographed by Steven Meisel, shows Aboah wearing a silk wrap from the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2018 collection as well as glittery blue eyeshadow and long silver earrings.

Aboah released a statement saying,

being on this cover is the biggest thing that’s happened in my career. There is this newfound love and space for activism within fashion. I never would have dreamt in a million years that I would have young girls coming up to me at Glastonbury or on the streets of LA, New York, London, and telling me how much GurlsTalk or seeing my picture in a magazine means to them, as a woman of colour.

The December issue will be available on Friday, November 10th.

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