A Guide to Shopping for Clothes Online

Many people do a lot of their shopping online and more of that shopping seems to be for clothes these days. That’s actually why many retailers have declining sales. Regardless, some people still go to the store to get clothes so they know how it fits or because they simply don’t know how to shop online. So, today I’m giving you a guide to shopping for clothes online.

Know Your Measurements

The first and most important thing to do when shopping for clothes online is to know your measurements. You might mostly buy extra small t shirts but one brand’s extra small can be the same as another brand’s small.

The most important measurements to know are your waist, chest, neck, and the length of your legs. Knowing these measurements will help you in deciding what size to get when buying any sort of top or pants. Most website have size charts and even measurements for specific products and those will help you get the size you need.

Get to Know a Brand

So, you know your measurements and you know the brand you’d like to shop from. That’s good but if you’ve never shopped from them before, you should expect to do a return or two before regularly buying from them online. You’ll have to and should get to know a brand before buying from it regularly and you might have to go try in clothes in store. Again, one brand’s extra small could be another brand’s small.

For example, I know from shopping at these store that size 28 American Eagle fit me but I have to buy size 26 at Aeropostale to get the same fit. So, now when I shop online, I know exactly what size to get. I also know at most of their t shirts don’t fit and I should go to H&M for that. This makes shopping online a lot easier.


Wait for a Sale

Clothing brands always have sales online. There are sales on holidays, after holiday sales, and sales on pretty much every other week. There are always sales. If you’re not looking for anyone in particular and just want to browse, visit your favorite brands’ websites and you most likely find a sale. The same thing goes for if you’re looking for a specific item like a t shirt or a sweater but not a specific item from a specific brand.

When you see something you like in particular, like a v neck sweater with a pattern on it from Zara, wait for it to go on sale, especially if it’s new. It will most likely be discounted soon.

The best times to look for deals is, of course, on holidays, just before a holiday, and just after a holiday. Other times you should be looking for deals is on Fridays or Saturdays. Brands always have deals on the weekend, especially if it’s a long weekend.

Get a Tailor

You should get a tailor regardless of if you get your clothes online or in stores. Any piece of clothing you get, even if it’s your size, most likely isn’t going to fit you perfectly. It might still look good but a tailor will make it look better.

For example, I could get a t shirt that fits my chest size but is too long. Even if it still looks good, it would look better if I got it tailored. It would only cost about $6 to get that done.

Those are my tips for shopping for clothes online. Follow these tips and you will know how clothes will fit and how they will look before buying them and you can save money.

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  1. Knowing your measurements is really going to help you out when shopping online. Even if you think you are usually a size 6, you might need to buy a size 4 or a size 8. Knowing your measurements will allow you to look up the size on the clothing website that fits your measurements. A size 6 in one store can be very different than a 6 in another store! So, know your measurements and that should help you.

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