8 Must-Have Items On My Winter Shopping List

Winter is coming and I know Fall barely began but that’s when you buy clothes for the coming season and I’d like to talk about these items I’ve had in mind since the beginning of August. So here are 8 must-have items on my winter shopping list.

1. Dark Wash Jeans


This is by far the most essential item on this list. Dark wash jeans go with just about anything; especially in the winter. You can wear them casually or formally and they go well with just about any color if you know how to pull it off. I need dark wash jeans to look good in the winter.

2. Scarves



Scarves are a winter staple. They come in a variety of price ranges and just about everyone wears one because of how accessible they are. Another wonderful thing about scarves is that no one can tell how much you spent on it unless you wear something obvious. Take a scarf with Burberry plaid for example. Everyone knows that you spent a lot of money on that. Most scarves don’t immediately show the price at which it retails. That way you don’t have to worry about it being loud and flashy or criticized for being from a thrift store. Regardless, scarves should be a staple of your winter wardrobe.

3. Pea Coat


I love pea coats. They have a very New York look to them. I’d love to pair a black pea coat with dark wash jeans, and some black leather gloves. This kind of coat leans more towards the formal side of an outfit but you can still make it casual if you wear it with some casual shoes.

4. Chapstick


Ok so this isn’t really part of an outfit but it’s still necessary. You need some good Chapstick. I couldn’t possibly tell you how terrible it is to be outside all day in the winter without some Chapstick. I’m sure you know, though, because just about everyone has been without Chapstick when they needed it the most at least once.

5. Gloves


This one is obvious too but don’t just buy any old pair of gloves. Get a pair that looks good with your outfit. For example, don’t wear leather gloves with a leather coat. Cotton or wool gloves with a coat that is made of cotton isn’t that bad but leather with leather looks terrible. Always wear gloves made of any other material than leather if your coat is leather.

6. Boots


So if you haven’t noticed already, I want some boots this winter. I’ve already written an entirely separate article about it and now I’m going to talk about it again. I want to get some warm but sleek and modern boots. I don’t want boots where you can see the grip on the sides. Boots that are more minimalistic.

7. Warm, Spicy, and Musky Fragrances


Another subject upon which I’ve covered previously in a separate article. I know those floral and fresh fragrances of the Summer are great but don’t drag them along into Fall and Winter. It’s fun to switch things up every once in a while and  when Spring and Summer finally do come, you’ll already be bored with whatever fragrance you wore in the Winter. Not to mention, warm fragrances add to the warmth of an outfit.

8. A New handbag


We talked about this one yesterday. I still need to go to the store to see which one I’m going to get, but a cute bag from H&M is on my Winter shopping list. I’ve been looking at handbags for a while and there are three handbags from H&M that I’m looking at. Also, a handbag is essential during the winter so that you can carry all of the things you need to look good.

So let’s put this outfit together. Dark wash jeans with a black pea coat, gloves that go well with the material of the pea coat, a grey, white, or plaid scarf, a warm fragrance, and a new handbag. Sounds like a chic Winter to me.

What items are on your Winter shopping list? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to click “Subscribe” on the menu to find me on Facebook and Instagram or to subscribe and get new posts sent directly to your inbox.

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