4 Must-Have Winter Essentials For Everyone

The weather has finally started to cool down and it will get much cooler. That means that not only will your wardrobe be changing, but your personal hygiene and the way you maintain it will be changing. Today we’re going to talk about the things you need to stay good-looking during the winter. So, let’s get started with something that I finally started carrying around with me after a winter of super dry skin.

1. Hand Lotion


This very well may be the most essential items on this list as well as the most obvious but it gets overlooked by so many people. A good hand moisturizer is necessary for every occasion during the winter because that cold, dry air will dry out your skin. I can’t tell you how many times I left the house last winter after putting on lotion and my hands still ended up drying out.

I went to my sister-in-law’s house quite often during the holidays last year and every time my hands would dry out. It’s because we were always eating when we were there and what do you do after you eat? You wash your hands which takes all of any pre-applied lotion off of your hands and dries them out. Even the winter air can take any pre-applied creams off of your hands. Wether you carry in your handbag or carry it in your car, you need to have one with you.

2. Chapstick

This is the same thing as hand cream. The air will dry out your lips and eating will take off any Chapstick or moisturizer you have on. If you’re like me and have severely dry lips while your husbands lips are always smooth, soft, and not peeling, then you need to carry one with you as you’ll be needing to apply it often.

Seriously, I’m always the one with dry lips. I’m sure I’m the only one paying attention to it but everyone else has softer looking lips than me. My lips are always drying out. Even in the summer so this is definitely a winter essential for me and I know it is for everyone else because even my husband’s perfectly moisturized lips get a little chapped in the winter.

3. A Scarf

I know I included this in 8 Must-Have Items On My Winter Shopping List, but this one is essential enough to be here and I’ll tell you why.

So, many people go out during the holidays. My husband and I go out to local holidays events held by the city and those events are almost always outside. Now, I know a scarf may not be everyone’s style, but you can tuck it under your coat and you’ll look just fine. It’s just that whether it’s your style or not, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable wearing one then not when your out for more than an hour at these events.

4. Gloves

This is another item from the writer shopping list that should be here. Gloves are essential for keeping your hands warm but they also help keep your hands moisturized. If you’re going to put all that work into keeping your hands from getting dry you might as well protect your hands even more. Again, I known this is obvious but it gets overlooked.

Also, On my shopping list I spoke about leather gloves but It doesn’t matter what material you use, though leather is ideal. Regardless, your skin will feel better when you do this rather than just putting your hands in your pocket.

Those are my winter essentials but I’m sure there are more. What items do you always use in the winter that I didn’t list here? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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