3 Must-Have Accessories This Winter

Fall started about three weeks ago but as I said in my winter shopping list, fall is when you go shopping for winter clothes. Though, today we’re not going to talk about clothes. We’re talking about accessories like jewelry, watches, and small leather goods that would go well with the clothes we talked about before. Let’s get started with 3 Must-Have Accessories This Winter.

1. Chanel Card Holder


I talked about this card holder last week. The card holder here is in Black Quilted Caviar Leather and It shows off the beauty of the caviar leather because it’s small.    I really don’t like very textured leather on large things but on items like this, it looks good.

2. Hermès Kelly Bracelet


I like this bracelet because of the turn lock hardware that it has on it. I love it when handbags like the Birkin or Kelly have turn locks on them. The Kelly wallet has it and a lot of Chanel wallets have them. This bracelet is also a double tour which means it wraps around your wrist twice. I love how that looks.


3. Zara Bucket Bag


I know I just got a handbag but I’ve been looking at this one and I love it. It has that loose style I was talking about when I asked you guys to help me pick what handbag I should get from H&M. This would be perfect to carry around in the winter for that snugly look you’d want with a winter outfit. I’d love to carry this handbag, along with the bag I already have, this season.

Those are the three accessories I’d like to pair with the clothes I talked about in my winter shopping list. What accessories would you like to have this winter? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to click “Subscribe” on the menu to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and to find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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