3 Most Fashionable Things to Do While Vacationing on Catalina Island

My husband and I recently went on vacation and one of our stops (my favorite) was the small town of Avalon, CA on Catalina Island. Avalon is so small that you don’t need a car. In fact, you can’t even own a car on the island unless you get on a waiting list that lasts for 14 years. You can, however, own an electric golf cart, which leads me to the first item on the list of the 3 most fashionable things to do while vacationing on Catalina Island.

1. Rent a Golf Cart

Photo by: John Vantine
Photo by: John Vantine

I know what you’re thinking. How is that fashionable? It’s fashionable because it’s functional. When you get off of the Catalina Express (the ferry you take to get to the island from one of its landings), you’re not going enjoy walking to your hotel while lugging around all your bags and arriving drenched in sweat. Even if your bags are from Louis Vuitton, the look of being tired and sweaty is never attractive. Renting a golf cart is necessary to stay comfortable and looking good. Plus, riding around in a little golf cart on an island as amazing as Catalina is cute and you’ll need it to get to the next items on the list.

2. Get a Cabana at Descanso Beach Club


After you’re done unpacking your bags, hop back on that little golf cart of yours and head down the main road along the boardwalk. Drive past the Casino and you’ll arrive at Descanso Beach. Equipped with a full bar, ice cream shops, a cute gift shop, and music; Descanso Beach is the place to be. It’s the most clean and beautiful looking but you won’t enjoy it in style of you don’t reserve a cabana.


Don’t wait to reserve one a day before you go. You need to make a reservation about two weeks before you even get on the island or you’ll be stuck in the crowded area. The beach is small and there’s barely any room so everyone is pretty much in arms reach of each other. The cabana rentals range from a pair of lounge chairs to the Presidential Cabanas that come with a butler. Either way, it’ll be a much more fashionable experience for you and that outfit you’ve been saving for vacation. The cabanas also make for a better photo for Instagram than sitting on that crowded beach.

3. Go to the Island Spa Catalina


Not into spending the entire day at the beach? I’ve got you covered. One of the most fashionable things to do not only on vacation but in general is to go to a spa. Spa’s are mostly for relaxing but they have a lot of cosmetic value, as I’m sure you know. Island Spa Catalina has multiple facials and skin rejuvenating treatments to keep you looking young and flawless. Personal hygiene, and just being well-groomed in the first places are the first things you need to pay attention when looking good and this will help you do it.


I already talked about being at the beach but there is this little spot on the side of Pebbly Beach Road called Lover’s Cove that you must visit. Go in the opposite direction as Descanso past the docks where you got off the Catalina Express and it’s just around the corner. This is a beautiful and romantic spot so go there if you are on your honey moon or celebrating your anniversary.

Also, here’s a pretty basic but essential tip for going to Catalina Island. Put on some sunscreen. Don’t just put it on your arms and your shoulders, put it everywhere. We went to Catalina Island for one day while it only reached about 85 degrees and I got sunburn. I got it on only my forehead and my nose because those are the only places I forgot to put sunscreen. That was not fashionable at all.

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