The $16 Asos Espadrilles I’m Wearing this Summer

Asos is getting quite popular in the fashion industry. Although they have many items from brands that can cost over $200, Asos makes their own products that go for much less. One of those products is the canvas espadrilles the brand makes. They have espadrilles in quite a lot of colors and most of them are pretty cheap. I got a pair a couple of weeks ago for $16. Asos espadrilles are my favorite shoes right now and I’ll be wearing them all summer.

Asos makes espadrilles in many different colors and styles. I got these black espadrilles but there are many other colors like this white pair with navy stripes or these navy espadrilles. Most of the espadrilles come with stitching that’s the same color as the canvas but they also have a couple of pairs with contrast stitching.

Then, there’s the price. Pretty much all of the espadrilles that Asos makes cost $16, even if they’re new, and some you can get for only $9. There are some that cost up to $19 but that’s still pretty cheap for what you’re getting. Asos also has 2 packs where you can get 2 pairs of espadrilles for $26 which is 20% off the price of two regularly priced pairs.

As for the quality of these shoes, they are pretty well made for the price. The canvas is pretty soft and, as espadrilles usually are, they are loose fitting. The stitching on these shoes is also pretty well done.


Though they are of pretty good quality, there are some things that you should do when you get these shoes.

When you get a pair of Asos espadrilles, get some no show socks. As I said, the shoes are loose fitting and some socks will help the shoe fit better. They don’t chafe or anything but they don’t fit as tight as some slip on shoes from Lacoste.

Also, don’t get your espadrilles wet. The canvas will get ruined, some stitching may come off, and it won’t be as soft as before. Don’t even get them wet on the bottom. The sole will get wet and it will take a couple of days for it to dry off.

A lot of people take their espadrilles to the beach or to the pool as they are a good pair of shoes to wear instead of flip flops but if you want to wear these shoes for style don’t take them to the beach or the pool.

Instead, wear them with a casual outfit on a day out shopping or on the weekend. These go great with shorts and a t shirt for weekends and they go great with button up shirts and chinos for a dressier but still casual look.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about what I’ll be wearing with my espadrilles this summer. If you’re going to wear these shoes for style, wear them with some of the outfits in that article.

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