12,000 Bloggers’ Data Leaked by Marketing Firm Octoly

12,000 fashion and beauty bloggers have had their data leaked online by marketing firm Octoly.

According to an article on Fashionista, 12,000 fashion and beauty bloggers have had their data leaked online by marketing firm Octoly including street addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, email addresses, and more.

Usually when a blogger works with a marketing firm, they expect to connect with brands, get access to products, and get profitable sponsorships. Instead, their data got leaked.

The bloggers’ personal data became accessible on a public database due to the carelessness of Octoly, according to online risk company UpGuard.


UpGuard PR Director Kelly Rethmeyer released a statement saying,

this leak opens up the potential for identity theft, password reuse attacks and account takeovers of affected creators. This data exposure largely undoes many of the efforts these individuals take to maintain some degree of anonymity in the public eye. This risk is heightened for this demographic because of their status as established internet personalities, opening up the threat of harassment or misuse of personal details in their real lives, a common and increasingly dangerous phenomenon online.

Octoly has worked with brands like Dior, Estée Lauder, Lancôme, and more and made about $8.6 million in earned media value in 2016, according to an article on Forbes. The firm works with people who have about 10,000 to over 200,000 followers. UpGuard has notified Octoly representatives about the leak but the company doesn’t think the marketing firm has done enough about it.

UpGuard analyst Dan O’Sullivan released a statement saying, “we have no faith that Octoly has notified the affected people, and we are not sure if anyone else acquired the data. We really want to make the affected beauty/fashion personalities aware that this info was exposed.”

Some have criticized Octoly on social media and the company has responded to some comments. It is currently not known whether the company has notified all of the bloggers about the leak or not.

Rethmeyer says it would be good for people using Octoly to change their passwords.

Rethmeyer released a statement saying,

Octoly creators should also monitor any activity on their personal PayPal accounts as this information was included within many of the exposed records. If they would like more information about the depth of this exposure and to confirm whether or not their private details were included, they should contact Octoly.

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